A journey to yourself

Nourish your body, your mind and your soul.
Leave everyday life behind and experience pure regeneration at the European Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof in Tyrol.

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European Ayurveda®

Our philosophy & inspiration

A journey to yourself. Step by step bring body, mind and soul in harmony. European Ayurveda® gives you a guide for a healthier life, you learn to be at peace with yourself and nature. Not only to perceive your potential, but also to accept it and to live according to it. This is our inspiration and at the same time our mission. Because why travel far away, when the good is so close? In one of the most energetic places in Tyrol, on the high plateau of the Thierseetal, lies the jewel European Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof. And there you will find the Far Eastern healing teachings in the heart of Europe. Because every person is different and lives according to individual needs. Because every culture has its own health problems and despite all sameness we are all different.

Here, the holistic teachings of Ayurveda revive, specialized for the personal sensibilities of the fast-paced European world.

European Ayurveda® offers optimal solutions for more harmony, health, clarity and balance. The teachings of Ayurveda meet regional products and environmental awareness, yoga and meditation - adapted to the European lifestyle.

A symbiosis of flavorful diversity, spiritual clarity and holistic approaches to thought. Live differently - individual, different, healthy. Learn to live sustainably according to the principles of European Ayurveda®: Experience a vacation that changes your life and brings you to your essence. Recognize your true self. 

Live the best version of you. 

The 7 pillars of the
European Ayurveda®

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Learn about our great range of Ayurveda programmes and cures
and experience the healing effects of the European Ayurveda® lifestyle.



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Experience & response: 

Our transformational spaces

More than simply being. Experiences become life changing, spaces are not static but subject to constant change. Give yourself the space to feel changes and discover our transformational spaces: where food becomes pleasure with all senses, nature becomes pure freedom of mind and Ayurveda treatment becomes unconditional relaxation.

The space that lets you enjoy


The space that gives you

5 elements garden

The room that lets you relax

Ayurveda Centre

Sustainable for

Planet Earth

Because your health is our top priority, we do everything we can - especially in times of the 5G network - to ensure that our Sonnhof is and remains a place of strength.

Ayurveda Farm


At the European Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof we pay attention to high quality food, most of which comes from the region. The family farm is our largest direct supplier, from which we obtain eggs, milk, herbs, vegetables and other products. Not only regionality, but also the species-appropriate husbandry of animals and the organic cultivation of herbs and plants are important.


Geowave® promotes restful, continuous sleep, improves concentration, reduces stress & speeds recovery.

ZES Bodyguard Recovery Pad

Restful sleep is essential for the regeneration of body and mind. We rely on the sleep products from ZES Bodyguard so that you can find peace at night and realise your full potential the next day. The Recovery Pad is the ideal solution for a restful sleep and to sustainably strengthen the immune system.

Organic Planet

We are on the way to a completely plastic-free kitchen! And we want to continue on this path in other areas as well.

Power place

We conduct monthly energetic clearings throughout the Sonnhof Ayurveda Resort.

Cleaning without chemicals

Through their antioxidant, fermentative, regenerative, energetic and communicative effects, "effective microorganisms" (EM) create a positive environment in their habitat. Over 80 different EM each live off the metabolic products of the others - a self-cleansing force that we trust at Sonnhof.


The European Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof & its awards

We create good Karma!



A heart for the children of Africa - Together we build a new World!


This guiding principle has accompanied us for several years now. We would like to do something good at the European Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof not only for our guests, but also to make a positive difference outside. So we decided a few years ago to join the charity project "A new school for Burkina Faso". In 2019/2020 we were able to donate 5 € per booked Panachakarma cure and thus a total of 3,450 € to the children's school project. It makes us happy and proud at the same time that we could contribute to the construction of the new school.


Grow my Tree - sustainable for Mother Earth!


Also now we arrange ourselves again with a new project. "Grow my Tree" sustainably supports our environment and nature. We donate 5 € per booked cure to this project, which allows one tree to be planted each time.

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