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Balance cures

What is the aim of the Balance cure?

Balance cures help you to slow down. Computer work, stress and the feeling of having to be constantly available and other external factors put a lot of pressure on you, your body and your immune system. This makes it all the more important to consciously press pause and slow down your nervous system and mind.


Your hectic lifestyle slows down your cell division. The result? A weak immune system, health problems and a premature ageing process. And this is exactly where the Balance Cures come in. Maintain your health, strengthen your body and mind, renew your immune system. Find your inner balance, focus on your strengths and recharge your batteries to successfully master your everyday life.

The benefits of a balance cure ...

Advantages of a balance cure

Inner balance

I do feel really good. Because my doshas are in equlibirum and I have found my inner balance. I feel balanced.

Stronger metabolism

I feel really good. Because my body tissues, my digestion and my entire metabolism are regenerated. 

I feel strengthened.

Increased energy level

I feel really good. Because my energy stores are filled up, I've improved my inner strength and I'm glowing with stamina and power. I feel energised.

Mental rejuvenation

I do feel really good. Because my brain efficiency and memory have been increased and my mind has been cleared. I feel energetic. 

Your Balance Cures

Intense treatment "Rasayana"

Body, mind and soul form an inseparable unit. Regenerate your entire system and find inner stability. With special treatments against stress and for new energy. A fundamental regeneration cure after illness, exhaustion and stress. Feel yourself and strengthen your energy centers.

Immune & Power Programme

A cure for you and your immune system. Find your inner balance and charge your batteries. With a combination of oil massages, gentle cleansing, individual yoga sessions and the regeneration of your intestines, your doshas are brought into balance. For a strong immune system and a strong sense of self. 

Your process of rejuvenation 

The fast western lifestyle and environmental influences create free radicals in your body. These can affect your well-being and damage your health. Through your balance cures, the free radicals can be optimally discharged from your body. Your body cells are also renewed more effectively and your Agni (digestive fire) is strengthened. Through this process, Ama (waste products) can be released from your body tissues. For deep cleansing, regeneration and resilience. Feel your body rejuvenated and your spirit eternally young. For new strength and vitality. Recognize your inner strengths, build on them and use them for your new life. Regenerate from old burdens, diseases and stress. Your mind will be cleared, your body will be purified. Regeneration on all levels of being, for a feeling of eternal youth.

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