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What is Ayurveda Plus aimed at?

A symbiosis of the knowledge of far-sighted conventional physicians, Far Eastern medicine and holistic techniques from complementary medicine ensure a lasting effect. The medical director of the European Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof, Dr. Alaettin Sinop, has been working for many years as a specialist in general medicine with numerous natural healing methods and their integration into Ayurvedic forms of therapy. This is how the Ayurveda PLUS intensive cure came about. An Ayurvedic cure that specializes in the civilization diseases of the western world. A unique combination that only we offer in this form. Trust in the ancient Indian healing knowledge of Ayurveda with acupuncture, benefit from effective manual medicine and experience the power of neuro-cybernetic techniques.

For which symptoms
is the Ayurveda Plus Intensive Cure suitable?

The advantages of an Ayurveda Plus cure ...

Dr Alaettin Sinop

Specialist in general medicine

Focus on naturopathy

The 3 pillars of Ayurveda Plus



In the teachings of acupuncture, it is assumed that Qi (life energy) flows through your body via meridians (energy channels). If this energy flow is disturbed by wrong nutrition, environmental influences or physical and mental stress, pain and diseases can develop. Through the correct treatment of the acupuncture points, your body can be freed from blockages and disturbances. For a harmonious flow of your life energy.

Manual techniques

The Second Pillar

Blockages can arise not only on an energetic level, but sometimes also physically. With the help of manual therapy your blockages in the spine and joints are released through specific movements. The focus is specifically on your cervical spine. Through this specific form of treatment, the connection between head and torso can be strengthened to achieve a harmonic balance between mind and body. Feel the entity of body, mind and spirit. 


The third pillar

Blockages, contortions and disturbances in your body are tested kinesiologically and released. Detoxification is stimulated, stressors for functional blockages are identified and an emotional clarification is carried out. Your entire body and mind will be cleansed. This way the Ayurvedic programme and treatments will be more even more intense and sustainable. 

Your cure results 

relieve pain

I do feel really good. Because I could solve chronic and acute pain with the help of the three pillars. I am feeling happy.


I do feel really good. Because my body and my mind have been able to detox. I am feeling light.

Optimiseyour everyday life

I do feel really good. Because I'm learning how to deal with stress properly and how to structure my daily life according to my needs. I feel ready.

Inner strengths

I do feel really good. Because I can maintain my inner attitude, know where my strengths lie and use them properly. I feel strong.

release blockades 

I do feel really good. Because I have released old blockages on a physical and psychological level. I feel liberated.

Information about medical care

The course of your Ayurveda Plus intensive treatment

At the start of your cure, we will take a detailed medical history. During this medical consultation, we work with you to identify your health problems. This enables us to tailor the treatment precisely to you and your needs. Dr. Sinop will also take a brief medical history before your first treatment and accompany you together with our team of Ayurveda experts. In this way, you will experience competent support throughout your entire Ayurveda Plus intensive treatment.

Experience acupuncture

Acupuncture. A therapy method from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and an effective way to restore your balance. In TCM we speak of Qi, the life energy. This life energy flows through your body via meridians and forms networks of energy. These energy pathways can be blocked by poor nutrition, environmental influences or mental and physical stress. As a result, your Qi no longer flows properly. This can lead to pain and illness. By stimulating acupuncture points with needles, pressure or moxen (strong heating), blockages are released and the disturbances in the energy flows are remedied.

I feel really good.
Because body, mind and soul are in harmony.

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