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European Ayurveda®

Our philosophy & inspiration

Go on a journey to yourself and gradually bring your body, mind and soul into harmony. European Ayurveda® gives you inspiration for a healthier life. You will learn to be at peace with yourself and with nature. The European Ayurveda Hotel Sonnhof is located in one of the most energetic places in Tyrol, the high plateau of the Thiersee Valley. This is where you will find the Far Eastern healing teachings in the heart of Europe.

At our European Ayurveda® Hotel, we offer optimal solutions for more harmony, health, clarity and balance. Flavorful variety meets regional products, yoga meets meditation and your individual needs meet comprehensive expertise.

Live the best version of you. 

Our 3 fields of competence

EA® Detox

Let go of ballast and thereby strengthen your health, that is the goal of EA® Detox. During a Detox cure you will experience a deep cleansing. Toxins and metabolic residues are eliminated. Through detoxification your immune system is strengthened, joint and back problems as well as states of exhaustion are alleviated. EA® Detox supports you in permanently improving your lifestyle, reducing weight and sustainably reducing stress. Enjoy your new attitude towards life.

EA® Balance

Your everyday life is marked by stress, the mental merry-go-round keeps turning and you can't find any sleep? Then it's time for an EA® Balance cure. Get emotionally centered with special treatments against stress. Recover from illness, strengthen your immune system and regenerate body, mind and soul. When your physical and mental energy stores are filled up, you will feel really good again.

EA® Medical Healthcare

Trust in the healing knowledge of Ayurveda and benefit from the findings of conventional medicine at the same time - that's EA® Medical Healthcare. Under medical supervision, effective techniques such as acupuncture, manual therapy and neurocybernetic therapy are used to release blockages, alleviate pain and clear your body emotionally. Experience an Ayurvedic treatment that is unique in this form!

The 6 pillars of the
European Ayurveda®

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Sustainable for

Planet earth and your health

A heart for the children of Africa

This guiding principle has been with us for several years now. At the European Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof, we not only want to do something good for our guests, but also make a positive difference outside the resort. A few years ago, we decided to join the charity project "A new school for Burkina Faso". In 2019/2020, we were able to donate €5 per booked Panachakarma treatment to the children's school project, bringing our total donation to €3,450. It makes us happy and proud at the same time that we were able to contribute to the construction of the new school.

Grow my Tree - sustainable for Mother Earth!

We are once again involved in a project. Our mission is to support sustainable programs and together with our official partner, Impact Hero, make a big contribution to a more sustainable future. To make a positive impact, we donate €5 per course to "Grow my Tree" so that new trees can be planted while raising awareness of the importance of sustainable development. In doing so, we not only promote the growth of healthy forests in collaboration with local communities, but also help in the fight against climate change and create new habitats for animals.

Trees planted


The European Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof & its awards

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