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The special feature of your Ayurveda Plus treatment

The perfect symbiosis of the far-sighted findings of conventional medicine and the approaches of the ancient Indian healing teachings. Enjoy the treatments of Dr. Alaettin Sinop as a supplement to your Ayurvedic treatments. Feel the effects on a physical level: toxins are released, sleep and metabolic problems and asthma are cured. Reduce your allergies, gain new strength and relieve chronic pain. Benefit from the positive effect on your mind: You feel ready to change your life, find inner peace and feel yourself again. Your European Ayurveda® Plus treatments accompany you on the path to your best version. You can submit these treatments to your private health insurance or your supplementary insurance.

Your Ayurveda Plus treatments

Acupuncture is a millennia-old treatment method from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In TCM, it is assumed that meridians (energy channels) run through your body in which Qi (life energy) flows. Environmental influences, physical and mental stress or poor nutrition can disturb your energy flow and cause illness or pain. Blockages and disturbances can be released with thin needles, pressure or moxen. For a free flow of your life energy. Feel how your energetic balance is established and your entire organism is healed.


*For first treatment only possible in combination with a consultation (15 min/€ 53).

Disturbances and blockages in your body are tested kinesiologically and released. The neurocybernetic treatment helps you to detoxify and cleanse your body and mind. Toxins are drained, metabolic disorders are healed and your immune system is strengthened. Feel your inner strength.


*For first treatment only possible in combination with a consultation (15 min/€ 53).

**2 sessions are recommended for a basic correction.

Get your body energy Qi flowing again with the acupuncture meridian massage and balance energetic disharmonies. APM uses a symbiosis of meridian massage, acupuncture without needles and energetic spinal therapy, but also moxibustion (heat therapy from traditional Chinese medicine), bloodless cupping and Gua Sha (traditional Chinese "cockroach" massage). APM is used to strengthen your body centre and your organs, for cold problems, spinal and joint complaints, as a pregnancy support and to strengthen your organism in case of exhaustion and stress. Further indications are sleep disorders and digestive problems, energetic congestion and scars. APM can be very helpful for acute, subacute, chronic and "silent" diseases.

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