Get out of the daily routine

Your European Ayurveda® Programmes

I do feel really good. 

Because I feel safe.

Leave stress behind and put everyday life on hold for a while. Immerse yourself in the world of European Ayurveda® and look forward to your first experiences with the Far Eastern philosophy of life in the Tyrolean mountains. Feel yourself. Experience yourself. Who are you? What are your personal needs? Recognise them, accept them and live accordingly. Consciously take time for yourself. Enjoy an Ayurvedic treatment, switch off with yoga and find yourself in meditation. At your own pace: the world of European Ayurveda® is open to you. Discover it.

These are your advantages

I don't have to do anything or conform to any ideas. I am simply allowed to be.

I leave my daily routine behind for a while and leet go of my worries.

I am allowed to find myself during gentle yoga and meditation sessions.

I am allowed to indulge in culinary delights while doing something good for my body.

I get to discover the world of European Ayurveda® and learn about a new philosophy of life.

I am doing something for myself, my well-being and my health. Because I am worth it.

Ayurveda Short-Stay

Discover the world of European Ayurveda®. Detoxify your body with a herbal powder massage and feel your inner self with an Ayurvedic full body massage with a flowing oil treatment. Discover your true self during gentle yoga and meditation sessions and free yourself from stress and worries in the Ayurveda Spa.

A stay of at least three nights will help you to rediscover yourself. 

Ayurveda Relax and Feel Good Days

Would you like to do something good for yourself, forget the stress of everyday life and find yourself? Enjoy your time out with two full-body oil massages, a forehead oil pour and a salt-oil peeling. Relax during yoga and meditation sessions. Recharge your batteries and strengthen your nervous system with an Ayurvedic energy massage.

A stay of at least five nights will help you rejuvenate. 

Royal Ayurveda

Discover your royal self. Let yourself be pampered with a unique combination of different Ayurvedic treatments in seven days. Every part of your body gets enough attention in five specific treatments and two full body massages.

You get to indulge in at least seven nights of pampering.

Regeneration Week "Fountain of Youth

Aim of the "Fountain of Youth" regeneration week is to delay, stop or reverse premature ageing processes. Tailored to your needs, this beneficial and health-promoting program strengthens the immune system and nervous system, promotes physical strength and regulates digestion.
and regulates digestion. The oils used ensure a clear complexion and soft, supple skin. The deep-acting treatments warm the entire body and promote the removal of waste products and toxins. removal of waste products and toxins.

You are allowed to regenerate in at least seven nights.

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