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The Sonnhof

Origin of the hotel & progression to European Ayurveda®

EUROPEAN AyurvedA Resort Sonnhof
a story of love and life

It is our history and our own experiences that shape us into who we are. They are part of our life and make it exciting. We walk over rough and smooth, stumble from time to time and then - at some point - you find a path that makes sense. A path that fulfills you and makes you happy. That's how it was for us.

Our history dates back to the year 1987. Brigitte and Johann Mauracher bought the Gasthof Sonnhof - a very traditional Tyrolean business. After a short time already emerged the desire to progress further. Four years later 15 rooms were built and in 2006 another 15 rooms were added. But that was not all. One year earlier a wish expanded in Brigitte's heart, which quickly developed into an idea: Ayurveda. It was a completely new path. Exciting and coherent at the same time. A feeling that cannot be described. The feeling that now, finally, everything is as it should be.

A vision became reality. And so the AyurvedaCenter with yoga and massage rooms, doctor's office and sauna area was built. The starting signal for a new life. Into our life. At our side: Ayurvedic physician Gaurav Sharma and his entire team. The traditional healing art from India was reborn in Tyrol.

We consistently pursue this path: In the spirit of sustainability and regionality, a family-owned small farm has also been operated at Lindhof since 2016 - not far from our Ayurveda Resort. In this way we combine our Tyrolean roots with the Ayurvedic and bring Tyrolean traditions in harmony with the Indian. For both are united by a common credo: the preservation, development and teaching of the "knowledge of life". And so, depending on the season, our guests receive fresh vegetables, fruit, honey as well as eggs from happy hens and much more from the Lindhof. Processed according to the wholesome recipes of the European Ayurveda cuisine.

Brigitte Mauracher still accompanies us in our hearts at every step. Her strong-willed spirit, her unstoppable energy and spiritual connection with nature made her a pioneer in the development of European Ayurveda®. Thank you.

Together we build a new world. Live differently.

Because I'm doing really well.

Elisabeth Maurachers' Story

Portrait of Managing Director Elisabeth Mauracher
A woman enjoys her rest
Portrait of Smiling Man and Woman

Your hosts Elisabeth Mauracher and Helmut Naschberger

When I was young I had a big dream: to create a magical place of power and a lighthouse on earth that helps to bring people back into balance.

A place where people meet and where healing also happens tangibly. But the journey is the destinationl. At the beginning of my 20s I was at a point where I had almost no life energy and clearly felt: I MUST change something in my life. It was an intense time for me in which I learned that as human beings we only have one life available to us. We should realise that we are the creators of our own lives.

This is a situation that many people inevitably find themselves in at one time or another. I too was in a life situation where I was just functioning and didn't know who I was and was unique about me. I just didn't feel good enough and found myself in a hamster wheel until I delved deeply into the magic of holistic teachings like Ayurveda, yoga and personal development. Because the goal of Ayurveda is to live a happy, healthy and fulfilled life and that's exactly what I wanted.

And so I found myself on a JOURNEY to myself. A metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly. Ayurveda and its holistic approach were my companions and led me more and more to my true self. This is and was also my deepest wish. I wish that as many people as possible find their center and their strength to live their full potential and to simply shine from within. Because you are valuable.

European Ayurveda® is a suitable and spiritual tool for this. It brings you back on track and helps you to realize who you are. European Ayurveda® is for me an attitude towards life that helps us to live a sustainable life - for us and our children, always in harmony with nature.

I am convinced that we are allowed to enter new pathways to make life here on earth more sustainable. I am also in favour of us taking tourism in a more sustainable direction and making a greater commitment to ourselves as human beings and to nature. Nevertheless, we are allowed learn to value ourselves and to take care of ourselves independently.

This is where European Ayurveda® comes in to provide the key to a healthy and happy life.

Whether here in the Resort or also "online": The knowledge of the "Long Life" will accompany and guide you in the long run, so that you can live your true being and your potential.

Lots of love

Yours, Elisabeth Mauracher

Management, visionary & pioneer of European Ayurveda®


Hotel philosophy

An eternal school of life - Our philosophy

Ayurveda looks for the origin of disease patterns, worries and problems. Pervasive regeneration, new energy and inner balance: your new life companions. Because that's how you will feel really good. 

Sustainable for

Planet earth and your health

Experience & response: 

Our transformational spaces

More than simply being. Experiences become life changing, spaces are not static but subject to constant change. Give yourself the space to feel changes and discover our transformational spaces: where food becomes pleasure with all senses, nature becomes pure freedom of mind and Ayurveda treatment becomes unconditional relaxation.

The space that lets you enjoy


The space that gives you

5 elements garden

The room that lets you relax

Ayurveda Centre

AyurvedaCenter & Rooms

The Indian divinity within you - Experience the AyurvedaCentre with all your senses

European Ayurveda: Tyrol meets India. Two worlds meet that could not be more different. But despite all the contrasts, they complement each other to a harmonious perfection. Like the two deities Shiva and Shakti. The masculine and the feminine. A symbiosis that accompanies you on your journey to yourself. In the Ayurveda Centre you will experience an uplifting and relaxed atmosphere that leaves room for reflection and feeling.

Opposites meeting in perfect harmony. Feel the power in the moon or sun sauna. Surrounded by the gentle scent of honey and powerful onyx. Strengthen your self-confidence and feel the new life energy flowing through you.Feel the power of Indian gods in our treatment rooms. They make sure energy flows unhindered and true power spaces develop, the spirit being transmitting to you. For a moment of peace and mindfulness the Shiva Shakti Lounge is always open for you. Feel yourself.

Ayurveda Lounge
Panorama indoor swimming pool
"Get power" fountain
Heat therapy
Relaxation room Swasthya
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The Ayurveda Centre

At a glance

The sauna area is open daily from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., the panoramic indoor pool from 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

This is how our guests are living European Ayurveda®


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