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Coaching & Yoga sessions

Body, mind and soul as one

Our fast-paced world is ruled by a hectic pace and characterised by an unhealthy lifestyle. Physical and psychological aspects are considered separately. Most of the time, the psyche and thus the mind and soul receive no attention at all and are not taken seriously. As a result, we move further and further away from ourselves and rush through everyday life under the control of others. Yoga, mind detox and meditation can be the necessary time out. A moment without time and space. Without constraints and obligations. Free from demands and stress. A moment of silence. A moment just for you. European Ayurveda® treats body, mind and soul and brings a harmonious balance on all levels. After the physical cleansing, the main focus is on a healthy psyche. Through gentle yoga, meditation and coaching sessions you are given a tool to help yourself. Together we activate your self-healing powers and help you to perceive your strengths, talents and true essence. Fears and worries are released, old issues and blockages are dissolved and energy is recharged. Feel how your soul is freed.

Your coaching

What happens during coaching & how does the client feel afterwards?

Notice what is not good for you, what slows you down in life and what weighs down your soul. Value the positive sides of life. Why are you here? What makes you special? What is the meaning of your life? What is your calling? Together we will get to the bottom of the important questions of life. We will help you to recognise your true self. Through different tools we support you in finding and setting of on your authentic path in life. Coaching is a journey to yourself.

Your individual sessions 

Your Mental Detox Lifestyle Coaching

duration: approx. 55/90 min

Raise your consciousness to the next level. Through simple exercises and practical impulses, mental blockages are dissolved and self-confidence is gained. Learn to deal with your fears, meet them at eye level and transform them into positive energy. Use this energy to realise your visions and live your new, fulfilled self. I feel really good. Because I am consciously aware of myself.

55 min - 255€

90 min - 382€


duration: approx. 55 min

Your Spiritual Business & Money Empowerment Coaching for spiritual growth, moneyflow, leadership, success and fulfillment in your business.


I take you on a journey to your inherent genius, to your truth and to your hidden creative power. Because you can lead your business with ease and joy. Become the most successful and fulfilled leader of your company.


Together we will discover the magic of your life and show
you how you can use the universal laws for your life and business
to create a life full of abundance

Price on request- only in German language

Your primal sound meditation course with Caroline

Experience the deep meaning of the Primordial Sound Meditation in four sessions and feel its effects on your entire being. Feel connected to yourself and to your environment. I do feel really good. Because I am aware of the connection to myself.


You dive into the world of primal sound meditation and choose your personal primal sound.

2. Unit:

With the help of a ceremony and meditation you will receive your personal mantra.


You will learn the meaning of primal sound and how to practice a fulfilling meditation throughout your life.


You achieve new states of consciousness through regular meditation.


Meditation course approx. 3.5 hours (one or two days incl. workbook)


Your special yoga session with Caroline or Yijaya

Be receptive to different styles of yoga. Experience an expansion of consciousness through the seven spiritual laws of yoga. Stretch your entire locomotor system through gentle Yin Yoga. Regenerate body, mind and soul with Yoga Nidra. Strengthen your energy centers with Chakra Yoga.


To book a private lesson, send us a request by email. You can use the button for this. 

The seven spiritual laws of yoga:

Immerse yourself in the seven spiritual laws of success. Feel the effect of the asanas, pranayama, bandhas and the sun salutation.

icon woman does yoga
Yin Yoga:

Hold your asanas for three to seven minutes and experience a deep stretching of your connective tissue, muscles, ligaments and tendons.

Yoga Nidra:

Discover your deepest consciousness and glide through deep relaxation into a state of psychic sleep.

Chakra Yoga:

Activate, strengthen and harmonise your energy centers and reenergise yourself. 

Your weekly programme

Fit & Mindful with our weekly programme

You will receive the exact offers of the current weekly program at the reception during your stay.
The following, for example, can be found in the weekly program:

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