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The European Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof is located in one of the most energetic places in Tyrol. A gem in the middle of the Tyrolean mountains: the high plateau of the Thiersee Valley. Nestled between idyllic farms, romantic lakes, mighty peaks and energy-rich power spots. Experience the power of nature and feel the energy of this magical place. Fill your lungs with fresh mountain air and take in nature with all your senses: the gentle wind in your hair, the scent of freshly mown meadows, the buzzing of bees, the vibrant green of the forests. Discover the most beautiful places of power, circular trails and excursion destinations around the European Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof.

Lake with mountain view in Tyrol

The Thiersee

Lake Thiersee lies shimmering green before you. Cool water laps at your feet and lures you in with gentle waves. You take a deep breath, push off and glide through the natural lake.
Lake Thiersee is a popular place of power in the middle of nature. For playing and swimming, recharging your batteries. If you feel like it, you can also reach it on foot from the resort. Just talk to us and we will be happy to explain the way to the Thiersee circular trail.

Sunshine with clear sky on a meadow in Tyrol with the forest nearby

The "Modalwaldrunde"

You walk on a forest path and smell the forest around you. The big mighty trees give you a feeling of security. Further along you discover a small chapel. After a few meters you come across a mysterious stone labyrinth. You feel like you did as a child. Everything is new and exciting, your senses are sharpened.
If you want to discover the "Modalwaldrunde", you should schedule about 1 to 1 ½ hours. We will gladly explain the way to you.

Sunshine with clear sky on a meadow in Tyrol with mountain view

The Kala Alm and the Pendling

You have been on the trail for about an hour. You can already see the Kala Alm in front of you as you take the last steps out of the forest. Full of energy you decide to continue towards the summit. Nature gives you strength and you feel invincible. A deep breath at the summit cross makes you forget all the effort. Your gaze glides over the Inn valley, spreading out below you. A goosebump moment that you will remember for a long time.

If you like to work out in nature, we can highly recommend the Pendling. Schedule about 2 hours for the ascent. Talk to us and we will be happy to explain the route to you.

A blue clear sky on the meadow in Tyrol

The Mayrhofer Cross

You look around. Nothing but nature as far as the eye can see. You've just passed a traditional farm and now you're on a trail. There are not even signs here. You trust your instinct and follow the beaten track. You are with yourself completely. No distractions. Just you, your breath and nature. Soon you will discover the Mayrhofer Cross.

A pleasant walk in the middle of nature. Schedule about 45 minutes. We will gladly explain the way.

Sunshine with overcast sky on a meadow in Tyrol with mountain view

The "Kapellenerg" - Chapel on the Hill

Up high. Overlooking the whole Thiersee valley. You take a deep breath and have to smile. You haven't felt this good in a long time. An easy path takes you directly to the Chapel. Without any effort. You will enjoy the indescribable view, not wanting to leave.

If you want to visit the Chapel on the Hill, you should schedule about 40 minutes until you are back at the resort. If you want, we will gladly explain the way. Just talk to us.

Sunshine with bright sky on a meadow in Tyrol with mountain view

"Höhlenstein" - the cave stone

A deep calm comes over you as you overlook the entire Inn valley. Up here you are all alone. No distractions, no diversions. Only you and your thoughts. When you look over the valley you feel very strong on one hand and very vulnerable on the other. But most of all you can feel yourself.

The cave stone is a great view point to overlook the entire Inn valley and be surrounded by peace and quiet. Schedule about 3 hours for the whole tour. We will gladly show you the way.

Forest with three stones in the foreground and a small house in the background

The hunter's chapel

A small path leads you from the gravel road into the forest. You feel the childlike anticipation of adventure and follow it. Again and again you discover painted stones on the wayside, showing you the direction. And soon you discover a small chapel. In the middle of the forest, surrounded by mighty treetops. You feel protected and safe and stop for a few moments.

The hunter's chapel invites you to rest and relax. The beautiful circular route takes about 1 ½ hours. We will gladly explain the way to you.

A blue half-covered sky on the lake in Tyrol

The Pike Lake

A picturesque mountain landscape surrounds you. In front of you lies a shimmering lake. Pure, cool water, surrounded by untouched nature and a perfect idyll. A short walk around the lake brings you deep inner peace. You feel relaxed and happy. You will certainly come back soon to be enchanted by the pike lake.

The Pike Lake is one of six bathing lakes in the surrounding Kufsteinerland. By car you need about 25 minutes. We will gladly explain the way to you.

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