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The diversity of European Ayurveda®

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You don't know what suits you yet? Then find out, the three fields of competence will show you the way. If you decide to take an Ayurveda cure, you will be accompanied by our team of experts during your stay. Perfectly tailored to you: During the consultation, we will create your individual cure together. With massages that touch not only your body, but also your soul. With cleansing procedures to rid yourself of environmental toxins and with yoga and meditations to find your true self. A meal tailored to your cure is the ideal supplement for body, mind and soul.


If you are just about to discover the world of European Ayurveda®, you can also choose one of our programs. So you can enjoy the Sonnhof pampering board and your European Ayurveda® treatments of your choice. Gentle yoga and meditation sessions accompany you on your personal path.

Our 3 fields of competence

EA Detox

In a world characterized by hectic and fast-paced life, peace and health are valuable. European Ayurveda® meets this zeitgeist with a gentle and intensive detox of body, mind and soul. Enjoy your new attitude to life. Enjoy lightness, clarity and the realization that less can be more.

Choose EA Detox to ...

- Strengthen your immune system.

- Mitigate joint and back pain.

- Relieve your intestines and build a healthy intestinal flora.

EA Balance

Deceleration through European Ayurveda® and years of medical expertise: The mental and physical letting go of work, stress and the feeling of having to be constantly available. Find your inner balance, focus on your strengths and recharge your batteries to successfully master your everyday life.

Choose EA Balance to ...

- Relieve stress and fatigue and build resilience.

- Recover from illness.

- regain your inner stability and balance.

EA Energy

Become the captain of your life again and take control of your destiny! European Ayurveda® gives you the tools to unfold your full potential. Use the energy, vitality and clarity created by an Ayurvedic lifestyle to define your new self and enjoy life to the full

Choose EA Energy to ...

- recharge your energy stores.

- to gain new vitality.

- clear your body emotionally and release blockages.

Cure or programme?

In order to offer you exactly what you need at this moment, you can choose between Ayurveda cures or programs.

My advantages & impressions... my european Ayurveda® cure

...with my European Ayurveda® Programme

I do feel really good.
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Your cures & programmes at a glance

EA Detox Cures

23-05-08 EA Sonnhof-291

Intense purging

PanchaKarma cure

I do feel really good. Because I'm free from old burdens.

Experience deep cleansing of body, mind and spirit. In the preparatory phase, slags are dissolved with the help of ghee intake, oil massages and scrubs. Cleanse your body with the support of a laxative day. In order to positively influence your quality of life in the long term, you draw new strength in the build-up phase.

24-06-10 Sonnhof-411

Gentle purification

AyurDetox cure

I do feel really good. Because I am drawing new strength.

You will experience a cleansing of body, mind and soul. Based on a pulse diagnosis and consultation, your body is prepared for the cleansing ritual. Let go, free yourself from toxins and draw new strength thanks to Ayurvedic treatments. Together with us, you will find a sustainable solution for a balanced everyday life.

EA Balance Cures

Rasayana cure

I do feel really good. Because I feel like a new me. 

Body, mind and soul form an inextricably linked unit. Regenerate your entire system and find inner stability. With applications specifically designed to help against stress and give new energy. A basic rejuvenation treatment after illness, exhaustion and stress. Feel yourself and strengthen your energy centres.

Ayurveda Plus Intense Cure

I do feel really good. Because I can feel myself again.

Benefit from this supportive therapy to eliminate toxins, lose weight and regenerate from metabolic and sleep disorders as well as chronic illnesses. Enjoy treatments individually tailored to your needs. Combined with a healthy Ayurvedic diet, this treatment will help you change your life.

EA Energy

Emotional Healing Cure

I do feel really good. Because I'm allowed to be who I am.

Reset your body, mind and soul to the starting point of your ego and take the opportunity to find your inner balance. Ayurvedic treatments help you to detoxify your body, free yourself from old burdens, recharge your batteries and look to the future. Feel yourself and live in harmony with yourself and nature.

Immune & Power Programme

I feel really good. Because I feel stronger.

A cure for you and your immune system. Find your inner balance and charge your batteries. With a combination of oil massages, gentle cleansing, individual yoga sessions and the regeneration of your intestines, your doshas are brought into balance. For a strong immune system and a strong sense of self. 


Ayurveda Short-Stay

I do feel really good. Because I am allowed to discover myself again and again. 

Discover the world of European Ayurveda®. Detoxify your body with a herbal powder massage and feel your inner self with an Ayurvedic full body massage with a flowing oil treatment. Discover your true self during gentle yoga and meditation sessions and free yourself from stress and worries in the Ayurveda Spa.

Relax & feel good days

I'm doing really well. Because I'm giving myself time to recover.

You want to do something good for yourself, forget the stress of everyday life and get to know yourself. Enjoy your time out with two full-body oil massages, a flowing oil treatment and a salt & oil peeling. Relax during yoga and meditation sessions. Recharge your batteries and strengthen your nerve system with an Ayurvedic energy massage.

Royal Ayurveda

I do feel really good. Because I allow myself to be pampered.

 Discover your royal self. Let yourself be pampered with a unique combination of different Ayurveda treatments over seven days. Every part of your body receives sufficient attention in five specific treatments and two full-body massages.

Regeneration Fountain of youth

I do feel really good. Because I'm allowed to rejuvenate. 

 The aim of the regeneration week is to delay, stop or reverse premature ageing processes. This beneficial and health-promoting program tailored to your needs strengthens the immune system and nervous system, promotes physical strength and regulates digestion.

Our premium programmes

Individually bookable to your stay, your cure or your Ayurveda program

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