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Every person is unique. And every person has individual problems, both psychological and physical, and in their environment. That is why you deserve a treatment that is personally tailored to you. European Ayurveda® considers you as an individual and as a holistic being. Everything is connected: Body, mind, soul and universe. That is why European Ayurveda® not only treats the symptoms, but also looks for profound solutions for the cause of your problems. With the three goals of prevention, holistic healing and development of consciousness and the broad spectrum of therapies, Ayurveda forms a complex natural healing system. For perfect health of body, mind and soul: a variety of healing approaches with rational, psychological and spiritual forms of treatment. Feel free from old burdens.

The three approaches of Medicine & Treatment

Rational approach to therapy

The rational therapy approach of European Ayurveda® primarily uses common naturopathic procedures such as nutritional, manual and order therapy, herbal medicine and purification procedures. Tailored to your personal needs according to Ayurvedic criteria. Here we focus on your physical complaints and the physical aspects of your illness. For your perfect health, the focus is on the three basic strategies of "avoiding the cause, eliminating and balancing".

Psycho-therapeutic approach (sattvavajaya)

The power of thought is enormous. That's why the mind plays an important role in the development of health problems and an equally important role in healing. Step away from harmful thought patterns, negative attitudes, traumatic memories and bad decisions. By maintaining a positive mindset, you can support your recovery. Heal yourself through meditation, positive thoughts and healing world views.

Spiritual approach (daiva-vyapashraya-cikitsa)

European Ayurveda® is a holistic medicine and thus considers not only body and mind, but also aspects that cannot be rationally explained in natural science. And yet a century of experience shows that certain indications are positively influenced by a spiritual approach. For you are not only influenced by perceptible factors, but also by karmic factors. Sometimes you unknowingly take actions against the laws of nature. This can cause you to suffer from diseases that do not respond to conventional treatment. And this is where the spirituality of Ayurveda comes in. For a holistic healing.

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Ayurvedic doctor

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Ayurvedic doctor

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Our 3 fields of competence

EA® Detox

Let go of ballast and thereby strengthen your health, that is the goal of EA® Detox. During a Detox cure you will experience a deep cleansing. Toxins and metabolic residues are eliminated. Through detoxification your immune system is strengthened, joint and back problems as well as states of exhaustion are alleviated. EA® Detox supports you in permanently improving your lifestyle, reducing weight and sustainably reducing stress. Enjoy your new attitude towards life.

EA® Balance

Your everyday life is marked by stress, the mental merry-go-round keeps turning and you can't find any sleep? Then it's time for an EA® Balance cure. Get emotionally centered with special treatments against stress. Recover from illness, strengthen your immune system and regenerate body, mind and soul. When your physical and mental energy stores are filled up, you will feel really good again.

EA® Medical Healthcare

Trust in the healing knowledge of Ayurveda and benefit at the same time from the findings of conventional medicine - that is EA® Medical Healthcare. Under medical supervision, effective techniques such as acupuncture, manual therapy and neurocybernetics are used to release blockages, relieve pain and emotionally clear your body. Experience an Ayurvedic cure unlike any other!

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You want to do something good for yourself and book a treatment with one of our Ayurvedic doctors? If you are already a guest with us, your cure already includes treatments that are perfectly tailored to you. You are welcome to book additional appointments. It is best to let us know when you make your booking, so we can guarantee that you will receive your desired treatment. But even if you are not yet a guest, you are welcome to book treatments.

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