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Your Detox Cure

How does a detox cure work?

We live in a world that is ruled by hectic and where fast pace determines everyday life. You don't have time for healthy and wholesome food. You often or mainly eat quick meals that you eat in between meals. The main focus is on satiety instead of nourishing body, mind and soul. The result: digestive problems, weight gain and a weak immune system. Through a detox cure you give your body the chance to detoxify, your mind the chance to focus on what is important in life and your soul the chance to breathe again. Feel the liberation. We accompany you on your way to a lighter self. Through gentle movement, individually tailored treatments and a gentle Ayurvedic diet, you will experience new vitality and more mobility. Slags are physically and mentally dissolved: a cleansing on all levels of being. Enjoy your new attitude to life.   

Who is the Detox cure particularly useful for? 

The Detox cure is right for you if...

Your goals
for the Detox cure

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body purification

I do feel really good. Because old burdens and waste products are channeled from my body and I can rejuvenate. I am feel light.

Weight loss

I do feel really good. Because I have achieved a natural weight loss through gentle fasting and I can go through my life with ease. I feel liberated.

Mental cleansing

I do feel really good. Because my mind and soul are also relieved from old burdens and I can really relax. I feel ready for my new life.

Strengthening the immune system

I do feel really good. Because my organs are relieved, my immune system is strengthened, and I'm more resistant against illness. I feel healthy.

The procedure of your Detox cure

You start your purification treatment with a consultation. In this way, the Ayurvedic cure can be adapted to your personal complaints, wishes and needs. In a short preparation phase, your body and mind are prepared for the coming days. You will be provided with a special strength elixir and individual detox food. With Ayurvedic treatments, the waste products in your body are optimally dissolved so that they can be removed from your body during the cleansing phase. For this purpose you will have a rice soup day - your fasting day. In order to achieve a complete detoxification of body, mind and soul, the detoxification will be intensified by individual treatments and your immune system will be strengthened. Experience a deep cleansing on all levels. Feel the lightness.

The special thing about a Detox cure at Sonnhof

The right environment

I do feel really good. Because I can let myself go in the homely atmosphere. I am surrounded by untouched nature and mighty mountain peaks. At the Sonnhof I feel safe and secure.

The right combination

I do feel really good. Because I can benefit from the Far Eastern teachings of life and from the far-sighted insights of conventional medicine. I can enjoy treatments that are personally tailored to me. At the Sonnhof I feel seen.

The right team

I do feel really good. Because I receive good advise and professional support. I enjoy the full attention of top trained professionals and trust in their extensive knowledge. At Sonnhof I feel individually looked after.

The right diet

I feel really good. Because I spoil my body, mind and soul with wholesome food. I get to enjoy a vegetarian and Ayurvedic diet in combination with regional products from the family farm. At Sonnhof I feel nourished.

Your inner balance

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Nutrition, mindset, health, lightness, self-love

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