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Panchakarma cure

I do feel really good. 

Because I feel like a new me. 

In a world that is spinning faster and faster, stress, pressure to perform and everyday life sometimes pose a threat to your health. The Panchakarma cure creates a new place of strength in you. It offers you the opportunity to slow down, let go of old burdens and cleanse your body and mind. Shape your life consciously and self-determined again. The queen of Ayurvedic cures is practiced at the European Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof according to the original Far Eastern healing teachings. However, adapted to your personal needs of the western world. Panchakarma encompasses all five pillars of Ayurvedic cleansing, offering you a profound purification of body and soul. Feel the deep cleansing: Toxins are eliminated, the immune system is strengthened and your self-healing powers awaken. Influence your quality of life - not only for the moment, but sustainably. Because you are worth it.

The right thing for me

The challenges of our time increase the need for rest, relaxation and detoxification, for a haven of peace. But it is not only stress, hectic activity and poor nutrition that create waste products and toxins in your body. Even with a healthy lifestyle, deposits can form that lead to chronic illnesses and imbalances. Feel the healing effects of the Ayurveda cure Panchakarma: reduce joint problems, clear up gastrointestinal problems, fight migraines and sleep disorders. Cleanse yourself from your unhealthy daily routine and create the optimal basis for a new attitude towards life. Enjoy a cleansing and rejuvenating cure. Take time for yourself, put yourself first. Simply switch off, leave everyday life behind you and calm your mind in a conflict-free environment. Feel the wonders of deep cleansing.

I feel really good. Because my body and soul feel free.

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the PanchaKarma cure

You are allowed to be happy

What can you expect during your Panchakarma cure?

The queen of Ayurvedic treatments is divided into three regenerating phases. In this way, you experience a deep cleansing that works on body and mind. During the preparation phase you experience a gentle pre-detoxification. Slags are dissolved through ghee intake, oil massages and peelings. Now you are ready for the cleansing phase. All waste products and old burdens are removed during a special cleansing day. Individual cleansing rituals ensure a deep cleansing of body and mind. You feel weightless and light. You can look forward to the build-up phase with joy. Your metabolism is brought into an optimal state, your body tissue and your immune system are strengthened. During each of these steps, a specialised team gently takes you by the hand. An Ayurvedic diet provides even more well-being. Feel the renewal.

I do feel really good. Because I feel fully rejuvenated. 

Your highlights
of the Panchakarma cure

Drawn yoga pose as part of the Panchakarma cure


Enjoy a vegetarian or vegan Ayurvedic diet in combination with regional products from the family farm. For an intuitive and Dosha-appropriate diet in harmony with nature.


Because every one of us has individual needs. Their own story, their own path, their own truth. That's why individuality comes first. That's why you come first.


On the basis of a pulse diagnosis, your personal programme is put together. A symbiosis of treatments, yoga, meditation and wellness. To ensure a complete and well-rounded rejuvenation.   


Experience the purifying, preventive and healing effects of the Panchakarma cure. Feel the deep transformation on a physical and spiritual level.

Your inner balance

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The Ayurvedic bioenergy VATA explained:
Nutrition, mindset, health, lightness, self-love

Your power place for the Panchakarma cure

Because you come first. At the European Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof you get an individual treatment to support your healing and cleansing process in the best possible way. A competent team is at your side: Mr. Gaurav Sharma (B.A.M.S.) and Mrs. Rajat Vashisht (B.A.M.S.) accompany you on your personal path to a new self. Benefit from a symbiosis of qualified experts, special treatments and individually adapted Yoga and Ayurveda offers. Nourish your body and soul with an Ayurvedic diet tailored to you and take advantage of vegetarian, dosha-appropriate dishes made from regional products. Surrounded by a relaxing and unique nature, a profound tranquility grips you and enhances your healing process. Find yourself in the heart of the Tyrolean Alps.

I do feel really good. Because I have found my power place. 

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