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"There is a reason why we were born in Europe and that is why we should work with the treasures of our native environment". This guiding principle is the cornerstone for European Ayurveda®. Brigitte and Elisabeth Mauracher: Two women who have always trusted the power of nature. But also two women who felt they belonged to the world of European Ayurveda® very early on. And these two passions combined make them pioneers of European Ayurveda®. And the founders of the Ayurveda Centre at the European Ayurveda® Resort Sonnhof. Here we live today the unique symbiosis of the power of the Ayurvedic way of life and the European culture. 

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Because despite all equality, we are all different. The western world is plagued by health problems and societal diseases that do not play a role in the Far East. Migraines and back pain from constant computer work. Stress and burnout due to a tight daily routine. The feeling of no longer feeling yourself properly. Losing touch with your innermost self. Driven by social pressures, rushing from one appointment to the next and completely forgetting to live. And this is exactly where we come in. With the knowledge of far-sighted orthodox doctors, the power of millennium-old healing teachings and the regional connection to the western world. This symbiosis is reflected in all our actions and being. In the treatments, the nutrition, the consultation. I feel really good. Because I can discover my new lifestyle.

The 7 pillars of the
European Ayurveda®

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What European Ayurveda® changes in your life

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What European Ayurveda® is changing in the world

Our communal life 

Fulfilled and happy people radiate into the world. Through holistic knowledge and an inner balance, a peaceful and sustainable coexistence emerges. For a conscious interaction with our fellow human beings. 

Our environment

European Ayurveda® is sustainability in action. Vegetarian dishes according to the Far Eastern healing teachings with regional products and spices from our own farm. For a conscious interaction with our nature.

Our methods

We recognise our true core and live mindfulness. We are not only conscious about our inner world, but are also focused on understanding the other person. For a conscious interaction in our professional life.

The principles of the European Ayurveda® Lifestyle

Recognise your inner strengths and learn to use them correctly. For a successful and harmonic life. 

Living in the now. Feel the power of the Far Eastern healing teachings with the spirit of the Western world.

Your body, mind and soul bein in harmony with your environment, your fellow human beings and your surroundings.

Draw strength from nature and use it in your everyday life.

For better health, well-being, power and strength.

For better health, well-being, power and strength. Live the best version of yourself.

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