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We live in a hectic world where food is no longer used to nourish, but only to satiate. In which food is heavily treated and the original form is hardly recognisable anymore. And in which products from far-away countries are more popular than regional foods. Ayurvedic nutrition is the counterpart to the view of our western world. Deceleration and conscious enjoyment, unprocessed food and local products, perceiving the feeling of satiety again and differentiating between emotional and physical hunger. Your Ayurveda diet: As unique and individual as you are. The diet is adapted to you. To your everyday life, your state of health, your phase of life. Adapted to your goals: Do you want to renew body tissues, relieve diseases and pain or just be happy? Nutrition is the foundation of health for body, mind and spirit. Enjoy it.

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The guiding principles of your Ayurvedic diet

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I do feel really good. Because I get to eat fresh, nutritious, high quality food. I pay attention to the origin and enjoy unprocessed products.


I do feel really good. Because I get to eat in a calm and pleasant atmosphere. I pay attention to a harmonious environment when I cook and enjoy.


I do feel really good. Because my body can use all the nutrients optimally and digest the food well. I pay attention to a preparation that brings my three doshas into balance.


I do feel really good. Because I adjust my diet to the time of year, time of day, and phase of my life. I make sure to enjoy my food without stress.


I do feel really good. Because I listen to my natural sense of satiety and can distinguish between emotional and physical hunger. I make sure that I don't overeat.


I do feel really good. Because I eat a balanced diet and it just tastes good. I make sure that all six flavours are present in my food.


I do feel really good. Because my body can digest the food properly. I pay attention to an idal combination of foods.

The kitchen at the resort

Tridosha - suitable for everyone

Regional, conscious, wholesome. The diet at the European Ayurveda® Resort Sonnhof is characterised by appreciation and attentiveness. The philosophy of the Indian healing teachings adapted to regional products and attuned to the taste buds of the western world. Taste the difference: fresh and organic food from our own farm in delicious Tridosha dishes. In the morning, enjoy a generous breakfast buffet that combines local and Ayurvedic specialities. At lunchtime you can help yourself to the Pitta buffet: Warming soups, colourful salads, nourishing starters and delicious desserts. In the afternoon, indulge in a Vata snack with tea ceremony and healthy delicacies. In the evening, you can choose between Ayurvedic, fish or vegan dishes. A wonderful symbiosis of fresh vegetables, invigorating herbs and delicious meals. If you are currently enjoying a cure with us, your Ayurveda specialist will explain to you exactly what you may enjoy with which meal. For pure moments of pleasure that have a lasting effect.

Your Dosha-appropriate diet

Your Vata diet

This diet will help you can calm your Vata. You should specifically choose foods that are the opposite of Vata, to balance the vata qualities. Make sure to regularly eat warm meals, which are especially liquid, oily and heavy. Feel how your Agni (digestive fire) is strengthened and your sensory organs are invigorated.

Your Pitta diet

Enjoy a Pitta diet if you want to soothe or reduce this dosha. Pitta has the characteristics of hot, liquid, sour, spicy and light. So make sure you create the opposite of this with your diet. Enjoy four small meals a day and go for cool and raw foods. Feel how your body is deacidified and your blood is cleansed.

Your Kapha diet

Kapha appears cool, heavy, stable and oily. Enjoy a Kapha diet if you want to soothe this dosha. Feel free to fast regularly or skip meals. Pay attention to warm and light meals in small portions and with a high vegetable amount. Feel how blockages are released and your metabolism is stimulated. 

Your Tridosha diet

Your doshas are equally balanced. Or you have a family that combines Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Tridosha nutrition encompasses the entire Ayurvedic diet and you may enjoy it as you wish. If you like, you can orientate yourself seasonally by the individual doshas: Vata in autumn and winter, Kapha in spring and summer and Pitta in summer. Look for high-quality foods and eat a balanced diet. Feel how you stay in balance and your body moves calmly through the seasons. 

lindhof thiersee in tyrol, farm with regional foods

The Lindhof

Our Ayurveda farm Lindhof

Our Lindhof: a place of power that has given us energy for 250 years. Energy in the form of a place of refuge, where you too have the opportunity to discover the original farm life and slow down. And energy in the form of food that not only satiates you, but also nourishes you. For body, mind and soul. Fresh, unprocessed and regional products: The credo of the European Ayurveda® diet. Since 2016, we have been growing a large part of our food ourselves. Only a few minutes away from the European Ayurveda® Resort Sonnhof. So we can offer you nutritious and rich vegetables every day. As a delicious companion on your way to becoming the best version of yourself. Feel how you are in harmony with nature.

Immersion in the European Ayurveda® Lifestyle

In our online shop you will find Ayurvedic food to bring Ayurvedic cuisine into your home. 

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